Banana Fetishes.


It’s a subtle allegory for man refining his wisdom. The bananas represent immaturity clouding this man’s vision, an uncultured ape who only thinks about something as simple as delicious yellow fruit. With each banana annihilated, he shocks himself across one more step towards unclouded vision into the true nature of reality.

Or it’s someone blowing up bananas stuck to his face. I dunno.



An extra treat for you if you can make it to 1:45. LOLZ TO THE MAX!!!!!!!


10 Utterly Bizarre Burlesque Acts.


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The Strip Poker Tournament.

The first ever strip poker tournament took place on May 12 in the Blauer Salon of the Dresden Park Hotel in Germany.There were only 40 participants – 33 men and 7 women.Each player was given a stack of chips, and every time they lost it, they had to take off a clothing item, to receive more. Extra chips could be earned if the stripping was entertaining. 12 best players advanced to the Strip Poker Championship Final in Hamburg.The winner of the final game receives a free trip to Las Vegas, that includes 4 nights at the MGM Grand Hotel, a stretch limo and a helicopter ride over Sin City.
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