Mackie The Boston Terrier.


I’ll tell you when I’m done laughing.


Regret Nothing.


Planking For A Good Pranking.

Planking originated in Australia and it has been a source of irritation for the Australian police this year. One planker was arrested for planking on top of a police car. Plankers have declared “Planking Day” for May 25, 2011, which will now be an annual event.

Most people probably have yet to hear about planking. It is actually a simple stunt, albeit goofy, that practically anyone can do. Lie face down, straight as a board, pointed toes, arms to the side with straight pointed fingers. The planker’s face must remain expressionless, head held straight, not turned. Pretend as if rigor mortis has set in.

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Timing Is Everything.

Facebook Pics Gone Awry.