Homeless Man Finds Out He Is Rich.

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108 Yr Old Prisoner Freed After Serving 24 Years In Prison.


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The 10 Worst Teachers Ever.

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Serial Killer Art.

“…clowns can get away with murder.” – John Wayne Gacy, 1978
In a new segment for the blog, today is the serial killer spotlight. Today we’re highlighting one of America’s most  infamous murders, John Wayne Gacy, aka the Killer Clown. A lot of people have heard the name, perhaps know JWG to be a serial killer of a number of teenage boys over a six year span (ages ranging from 14 to 21), but many may not know the origins of his nickname he received after being arrested. John Wayne Gacy created a persona of Pogo the Clown and would work a number of gigs that included birthday parties and fund-raising events. Honestly, looking at his pictures now in the clown outfit, I’m surprised no one even suspected he was secretly doing something illegal on the side.

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Casa De Wal-Mart.

And other places of terrible fashion..

Planking For A Good Pranking.

Planking originated in Australia and it has been a source of irritation for the Australian police this year. One planker was arrested for planking on top of a police car. Plankers have declared “Planking Day” for May 25, 2011, which will now be an annual event.

Most people probably have yet to hear about planking. It is actually a simple stunt, albeit goofy, that practically anyone can do. Lie face down, straight as a board, pointed toes, arms to the side with straight pointed fingers. The planker’s face must remain expressionless, head held straight, not turned. Pretend as if rigor mortis has set in.

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