You post so often. Do you ever sleep?

No. Never. I’m a cyborg.

Do you even work?

No, I don’t work. I’ve been living off of packets of mustard I steal at Burger King. Im a mustard-eating cyborg.

Do you even have a life?

No. If you know me, you can point out that I am severely emaciated due to never leaving my house. I’m also extremely pale. I have an IV attached to my Macbook that I like to use.

How long has BNM been up?

A few months I’d say. It started out ass a hobby actually. A hobby I get paid for.

Is the work/writing/videos/photos yours?

No, this is just a collection of stuff I find on the net to make other people smile, freak out, gross out, and cry.


Calm down, oh constipated one. Just be courteous and let me know what your name/site/link is and I’ll be happy to cred you. A lot of times I find these with no name from a random site or I simply forget. I’m not making any money off of this so get the 9 iron out your ass. (Does not apply to the already courteous of the interwebs.)

Why did you do this?

Please see “Who Is Saving Me From My Boredom.”

Who is this site for?

The  uninspired 9 to 5er.

Where do you find this shit?

In my anal cavity. No, seriously.

I am horribly addicted to your site, how can I subscribe?

Go to the main page and there is a box in the top right corner. Enter your email address and click “Save me from my boredom!” or hit the RSS button.

How can I submit an entry for a post?

Simply send it to melissa_desa@hotmail.com or contact me on FB. There is no guarantee I will post, but I will review it and if it’s good, will give you creds for the find. Like, totally, OMGAWD.


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