Who’s Saving Me From My Boredom?

Long ago in a cubicle far, far away sat a girl bored out of her freakin’ mind.

She had a job that kept her indoors and away from life experiences. Gray 4 wall coffin, corporate zombies, same thing day in and day out minus the baloney sandwich lunch. (It was microwaveable pizza). Meetings. Deadlines. General lame fuckery.

As she rubbed her eyes and stared at her computer screen she thought “These are the fruits of my labour?” She popped her head up to see if anyone was around. All she could hear was an air conditioner and distant chatter. The girl sat back down and surfed the net. She needed an escape. 1 video. Then 12 videos. Then 40 videos in one day. It became a routine.

“I need to show this to someone. This is hilarious!!!” the girl thought every now and then. The more she sent out her findings, the more scowls she received. “Why aren’t you working?” they’d hiss. A valid question with an answer she dare not say aloud. So she went back to her desk and decided to be more secretive about the whole thing. She began archiving everything. Stowing it away for another day when she might need it.

Countless videos and months later, the cards shifted, and she was out of work.

The girl took on odd jobs in all fields; some fun, some sterile, but her entire world was changing. She met more people, had more experiences, and sure enough, her smile came back. All the while, she continued to archive. Opening up her mind to the endless opinions, experiences and commonalities was nothing to toss aside because she was on her feet for 10 hrs. All these stories combined had saved her from boredom; showed her that there was life beyond those four gray walls and it gave her hope.

One day, while riding her bike through the sunny streets,  a light went on in her head.
“I have to save the others.” she said to herself.

So she did.


I’d like to add that I take no credit for the picture taking, art, videos, and writing on here. I accredit when I can. I just wanted to play hunter/gatherer and make a hodgepodge in one place. If you have a piece in here and would like proper cred ( I do my best to do links and all that jazz), courteously let me now as I’m not trying to steal your work. : ) and I will oblige. Manners can exist on the web.


6 thoughts on “Who’s Saving Me From My Boredom?

  1. Have mercy, you are delightfully intelligent, and refreshingly articulate! As a middle and high-school math teacher (my first degree is actually in music, but music teachers are no longer valued here), I do battle every day with poor language skills. Apparently IM-speak has become the new grammar of the 21st century. With you as her mommy, Penelope may learn to talk! Who knows? (^-^)

    • Thanks Frances! Actually in Gr 12 I was told that I had a poor grasp of language by my English teacher and I should take ESL (Even though I was born here). She made me stay after class every day in order to graduate. Now I can officially say “SUCK IT!!!” to her.

      She inspired me in my portfolio.


      • Why is it that, often it is the bitches and bastards of the world who inspire us most? Perhaps their insensitive pronouncements upon us are the challenges we need to jump-start our creative juices. Sadly, we need the bastards; personally, I’d rather spend my time with the kind, loving, forgiving people. I fully recognize that your greatest inspiration seems now to come from your darling Penny, so the innocent and good must have some influence in our favor. You and she can conquer the world! I believe in you both!

  2. Thanks once again Frances. The most inspiring bitch and bastard that fueled this fire were my parents. They were just plain, not good people. Children who looked like adults. Still are. Martyrs too. Leaving home 4 yrs. ago thrust me into a huge life change, both inside and out. Sure it was hard at first, but it’s in no way a sob story. Few people react with a “Wow, how amazing.” You often get a look of pity. It still grinds my gears on occasion, but I have to remind myself that what I did was rare and only some can wrap their head around it.

    For me, people who have been through hard shit in their life and can stand tall, knowing who they are have more of my respect than anyone. Working at the Provinical Museum here has also taught me to challenge my own beliefs and what real parents and real men can be/look like. I have spent 4 yrs unlearning a lot of things that are simply untrue about myself and about others. It’s a work in progress, but I’m better for it.

  3. I too have been buried alive in a grey cubicle of death. Props to you and your endeavors. I personally seek the perfect joke. If you find it while sifting the seas of the internet claptrap send it my way.

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