Banana Fetishes.


It’s a subtle allegory for man refining his wisdom. The bananas represent immaturity clouding this man’s vision, an uncultured ape who only thinks about something as simple as delicious yellow fruit. With each banana annihilated, he shocks himself across one more step towards unclouded vision into the true nature of reality.

Or it’s someone blowing up bananas stuck to his face. I dunno.



An extra treat for you if you can make it to 1:45. LOLZ TO THE MAX!!!!!!!


One thought on “Banana Fetishes.

  1. Hmm, maybe it’s meant to represent how quickly joy turns to failure at the flick of a Bic. Man is joyful for his tasty and nutritious bananas, so much so that he sticks them all over his head. But happiness and triumph can suddenly turn tragic, leaving dead splats of burning goo all over out naked bodies.

    Or yeah, it could just be a guy finding himself fortunate enough to have a few extra fireworks, a bunch of bananas and a penchant for creative time wasting.

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