Serial Killer Art.

“…clowns can get away with murder.” – John Wayne Gacy, 1978
In a new segment for the blog, today is the serial killer spotlight. Today we’re highlighting one of America’s most  infamous murders, John Wayne Gacy, aka the Killer Clown. A lot of people have heard the name, perhaps know JWG to be a serial killer of a number of teenage boys over a six year span (ages ranging from 14 to 21), but many may not know the origins of his nickname he received after being arrested. John Wayne Gacy created a persona of Pogo the Clown and would work a number of gigs that included birthday parties and fund-raising events. Honestly, looking at his pictures now in the clown outfit, I’m surprised no one even suspected he was secretly doing something illegal on the side.

When JWG was executed in 1994 by way of lethal injection, another side of the serial killer came into the spotlight: the Killer Clown’s artwork. Perhaps the idea of owning a piece of artwork created by the same hands that killed a human being appealed to some people. For those who thought the craze was a flash in the pan, the artwork (some hundred pieces) ranging in style, composition and size were auctioned and sold by private dealers from prices starting at 200$, all the way to nearly ten thousand dollars. What are these wonderful works of art you may ask? Put on your critic hats and lets see some of the pieces that sold.









Again keep in mind, people paid real money for these. Buyers included art exhibits, private collectors and individuals looking to burn them in a massive bonfire. Yeah you read that last one correctly: a good number of the pieces were purchased and then burned in a fire in Illinois. Those in attendance were many of the families hurt by JWG’s killings, as if to say lethal injection was not enough and all trace of JWG should be wiped from the earth.
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