Planking For A Good Pranking.

Planking originated in Australia and it has been a source of irritation for the Australian police this year. One planker was arrested for planking on top of a police car. Plankers have declared “Planking Day” for May 25, 2011, which will now be an annual event.

Most people probably have yet to hear about planking. It is actually a simple stunt, albeit goofy, that practically anyone can do. Lie face down, straight as a board, pointed toes, arms to the side with straight pointed fingers. The planker’s face must remain expressionless, head held straight, not turned. Pretend as if rigor mortis has set in.

As you can see from this photo, planking can build strong abs. (Link)

Planking in Switzerland. (Link)

A young man Planking on a metal car bumper. (Link)

The holly planking? (Link)

Can you spot him? Well done! (Link)

Channel 9 embraces planking. Good form. Great location. (Link)

Planking in the farm. (Link)

Planking on camels. (Link)

Artistic Planking at its best. (Link)

Planking library. (Link)

Shopping cart planking! (Link)

Military Plank Winner. (Link)

3 individuals engaging in the art of planking in front of the Taj Mahal, Agra,India, August 2010. (Link)

On top of a McDonald’s sign. (Link)


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