The Best FCC Complaints Against The Simpsons.

You have to love the people who have nothing better to do than watch a television show and then write in to complain about how it is destroying American culture and morality. A show that once built a plot around the kind people who sit in darkened living rooms, switching out tape after tape of shows that they find offensive and therefore want to restrict other people from watching has itself received a striking number of complaints. That people have been complaining about The Simpsons since pretty much its very first episode is not surprising. What never fails to shock me to the point of rolling on the floor laughing is the kind of complaints that The Simpsons gets. There is a fascinating web site called that has compiled a list of complaints filed with the FCC against The Simpsons that contains more laughs than a season DVD of Family Guy and the series-length DVD collection of America Dad put together.

The most hilarious thing about this is that this military recruiter apparently honestly believes that The Simpsons will be responsible for his not meeting his quota rather the fact that so many kids are wising up to the idea of sacrificing their lives to make sure Halliburton continues to show record profits.

I don’t know about you, but it always kills me when people attack a fictional show for showing disrespect to another country, especially when our President shows no respect for any other country, or anybody else but his lover Dick Cheney for that matter. Instead of writing letters complaining about The Simpsons, why not write a letter complaining about how the President’s very own press secretary, Dana Perino, shows disrespect to us all by not even knowing what the Cuban Missile Crisis was!

Yeah, well, okay. I wonder if this one was written by one of those wives out there at the ranch in Texas. No, not that one, the one in Crawford.

Not to suggest that even liberals don’t get upset by The Simpsons. Umm, this person might want to do the research: no cartoon character ever actually DIES. Not even Maude Flanders.

Oddly enough, from the “I’m sure your realize” on is the exact same phrase I used in a letter I sent to the Bush White House! Ooh, weird.

Other complaints:

Article written by Timothy Sexton



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