Swimming With A Croc.

When you holiday in the Northern Territory, it is wise to check with Parks and Wildlife centres to find out where it is safe to get into the water. There are water leisure centres and tours to keep you safe from the saltwater croc. Visit a crocodile park or farm; they allow you to hold a baby croc. They are very soft and cold to the touch. Help feed the small and large crocodiles. Get some great photos. Read the following to find out what you may not know about the ‘salty’.
Their teeth are sharp-pointed, inter-locking and are perpetually replaced. A single croc might grow up to 3,000 teeth in its lifetime. How amazing is that? A small bird hops right info the prehistoric estuarine Crocodile’s mouth and cleans its teeth.
It is believed the purpose of this is to give them ballast when diving, and are often ingested to aid digestion – crushing food by a grinding action within the gizzard of the stomach. ‘Kill two birds with one stone!’


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