Sphere Illusionist, Dick Termes.

Dick Termes uses a six point perspective system to create optical illusion paintings on large spheres called “Termespheres.” His work is influenced by artists such as M.C. Escher and Buckminster Fuller.

Dick acknowledges strong influences by M.C. Escher and Buckminster Fuller and has received high critical acclaim from aficionados of both camps. Termespheres are part of many prestigious collections.

This completely unique, holistic way of seeing, painting, and thinking is the key to appreciate the work of Dick Termes. In the past 32 years, Dick has explored over 160 spherical surfaces.

“Termespheres” hang in space and, powered by electric motors, rotate on a central axis. In effect, they push the old medium of two dimensional painting to a new four dimensional limit. (Time and motion are the fourth dimension.)

from http://illusion.scene360.com/3d/5664/incredible-optical-illusion-spheres/


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