Dov Charney, American Pervert.…

Dov Charney is most likely one of the WORST businessmen in the world. In my opinion, he has little/no morals and even less class. “American Apparel” must be a huge misnomer as neither his clothing nor his behavior reflect American (or even any) social standards.

“American Apparel operates nearly 200 stores around the world, and Montreal-born founder and CEO Dov Charney is enjoying his company’s success. “It’s sickening money, man,” he told (he’s 39). “We’re minting money.”

On a May 13th conference call, Charney said first-quarter sales were at $111.6 million, up 52% from the previous year. Interesting, considering that American Apparel manufactures their goods exclusively in the United States – unlike most U.S. companies.

But Charney was happy to discuss American Apparel’s business forecast for the coming year during a face-to-face interview with Claudine Ko from the now-defunct Jane magazine – but only while masturbating. The writer also reported that Charney demanded, and received, oral sex from an employee while she looked on.

Not altogether surprisingly, Charney is now facing his fifth lawsuit in three years: Jeneleen Floyd, who worked in the product-placement department at the firm’s Los Angeles headquarters, alleges that Charney stormed into her office and demanded that she pretend to masturbate for him. When she refused, a (male) colleague happily complied; not to be outdone, Charney joined him.”



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