The City Of Toronto Is Not Paying For Corey Haim’s Funeral.

If you’re a resident of Toronto who is currently in the middle of plotting your fake death so that the city can cut your family a big check for a lavish funeral, stop what you’re doing. Your dream of taking that funeral money and using it to retire to Thailand has been crushed. The city of Toronto issued a statement saying they are not paying for Corey Haim’s funeral service. The city does help local residents pay for a bare bones funeral if the family can’t afford it.

This past weekend, Corey’s mother Judy told Access Hollywood that Toronto is going to take care of the bill for her son’s funeral. Toronto’s communications director tells People that this isn’t so, “The City of Toronto confirms no involvement in funeral costs for Mr. Haim. The City of Toronto has never received an application for assistance with the funeral costs for Mr. Haim.”

A private memorial fund has been to set up to help Judy cover the funeral costs. The Steeles Memorial Chapel, where Corey’s funeral is taking place, has also agreed to help with some of the costs.

Written by Michael K of dlisted.



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