The Evolution Of Michael Jackson.

 Drawing Jackson Michael Music Face

Until recently, Michael Jackson was considered eccentric, demented and, even, a pedophile. Now that he has passed away, the “king of Pop” title was finally given back to him. Personal opinions aside, one thing is for sure, the American singer has always been controversial and, apparently, enjoyed it. He thrived on eccentricities and obsessions. One of his most apparent and baffling compulsions was the transformation he imposed on his face, year after year.

This process ended up taking its toll on his health and resulted on a gross deformation of his face. You can keep track of the evolution of his features by comparing pictures taken throughout the years. This evolution became the inspiration for an artist – unknown to us – who gathered, in one single canvas, the various stages Michael Jackson’s face went through. To do so, he chose a spiral shape, ironically evoking the king of Pop’s journey towards darkness…

 Drawing Jackson Michael Music Face

published in arts by bjr on Nov 21 2009 01:25 PM

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