She’s A Brick Houuuuuuuuuuse.


These are some tough gals! I really wouldn’t like to have any sort of problems with them. It’s kind of funny, because we are not used to see women so strong. It is reserved for men, while women on the other side are expected to be fragile, thin and helpless.

tough gals01

These women are exactly the opposite of those expectations. They have strength, power and firmness and you don’t feel the need to hold a door for them or buy them flowers. It is more likely to ask one of them over to watch a game with her and have a beer.

tough gals02

Also, where ever they go they attract a lot of attention. Most of the people think they look repulsive and some even feel sorry for them, because they think that these women must have some sort of problems that they can’t resolve.

tough gals03

But it is normal for everybody who breaks some code and steps out from what is considered to be usual and acceptable. It is inevitable that he or she will face many critics and will be viewed with a scornful eye.

tough gals04

In some way, I think they are very bold and I admire them for that, but still I can’t find them attractive or sexy in anyway possible.

tough gals05

These images are supposed to present them in that way, but in my opinion they aren’t attractive nor charming at all. They simply look strange. Like something on a half way between a man and a woman.

tough gals06

What do you think about female bodybuilders? Do you find them attractive or repulsive? Feel free to comment.

tough gals07

tough gals08

tough gals09

tough gals10

tough gals11

tough gals12

tough gals13

tough gals14

tough gals15

tough gals16

tough gals17

tough gals18

tough gals19

tough gals20

tough gals21

tough gals22

tough gals23

tough gals24

tough gals25

tough gals26

tough gals27

tough gals31

tough gals32

tough gals33

tough gals34

tough gals35

tough gals36

tough gals37

tough gals38

tough gals39

tough gals40

tough gals41

tough gals42

tough gals43

tough gals44

tough gals45

tough gals46

tough gals47

tough gals48

tough gals49

tough gals50

tough gals51

tough gals52

tough gals53

tough gals54

tough gals55

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One thought on “She’s A Brick Houuuuuuuuuuse.

  1. I think they’re loveliest when they’re not pumped, but then, I don’t care for that blood-vessels-highlighted look even for a man. While I admire and respect the grueling work that goes into achieving this degree of body definition, I personally do not define a person as “strong” by physical strength alone. I known some wimply-looking women who hardly had any shoulders to build up, yet whose shoulders turned out to be a mile wide. I do appreciate that these women have turned their bodies into sculpted works of art.

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