The Unicycle Of The Future (‘Cause We Needed One).

Honda U3 X Unicycle

(images via: Daily Mail and Engadget)

If you’ve always wanted a Segway but were holding out for a “personal mobility device” that lets you be even more lazy, you’re in luck. Honda recently gave the press a preview of the U3-X, a “modern unicycle” that drives like a Segway (you control it by leaning your body) but, unlike the Segway, lets you sit down while driving. And, unlike a unicycle, it’s battery-powered, meaning that driving it only requires you to sit down and lean slightly.

Honda u3 x

It looks remarkably uncomfortable, and with a top speed of 4 miles per hour it wouldn’t be hard to walk faster than this thing can take you. But at 22 pounds, it’s light enough to load into the trunk of your car so that you can avoid any actual walking at all.


Regardless of the intended application, we have to admit that the technology behind this little thing is pretty cool. The single wheel is packed with multiple smaller wheels, making it possible to move in any direction. The movement looks very smooth and almost makes the user look like they’re floating. Honda Motors president Takanobu Ito says that the goal of the invention was to create the world’s smallest personal mobility device. As of yet, there are no manufacturing plans for the U3-X.


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