All About Diamonds.

I stumbled across this blog that is not just about diamonds, but the rarest ones. You can buy from them now or just learn about them. The selection is over-the-top cool. I’m not a big jewelry person, (I won’t spend a milisecond looking at someone’s engagement ring), but I do enjoy learning about mineral and rock formations.

langerman diamonds_iggbw_18770

What is common between the Blue Hope diamond and the Pink Panther? They are absolute miracles of nature; stunningly beautiful, these are most expensive natural diamonds in this world. Who could believe that purchasing diamonds that too natural diamonds could become as easy as buying a book online? But, lo and behold the father/daughter team of Arthur (natural color diamonds expert) and Natacha Langerman (gemologist) have just made it possible by launching a website to sell gemstones online at the click of a button.

The Langerman Diamonds site actually brings you to the source and features the first online encyclopedia of natural color diamonds, a blog, and now an incomparable online shop to buy the rarest of diamonds – 1200 stones in 300 hues (Olive, Mint, Gray, Burgundy, Saffron, Indigo) – at prices that range from $150 to $2 million. It is also possible to purchase engagement rings on the secure site. One can even design one’s own using the “Make Your Jewel” module.


You can peruse based on colour, shape and weight. You can even see what rough cut diamonds look like. Pretty neat site.


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