The 7 Yr. Old That Sells Paintings For £900 Each.

He paints six pictures a week and his last exhibition sold out in 14 minutes…

Kieron Williamson kneels on the wooden bench in his small kitchen, takes a pastel from the box by his side and rubs it onto a piece of paper.

‘Have you got a picture in your head of what you’re going to do?’ asks his mother, Michelle. ‘Yep,’ Kieron nods. ‘A snow scene.’ I ask: because it is winter at the moment? ‘Yep.’ Do you know how you want it to come out? ‘Yep.’ And does it come out how you want it? ‘Sometimes it does.’

Artist at work: Kieron Williamson, aged seven, concentrating on a painting in the kitchen of the family home

Picture perfect: A painting by Kieron, who took up painting at the age of five

Kieron prefers landscapes, but plans to paint a portrait of his grandmother for her 100th birthday

Figures at Holkham by Kieron: There are now 680 people on a waiting list for an original by the youngster. Art lovers have even driven from London to buy his work.

Kieron has been compared by some to Picasso, who painted his first canvas, The Picador, aged eight

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