The World’s Most Expensive Toilets.

The World Most Expensive Toilets

Russian International Space Station Toilet

1 ) Russian International Space Station Toilet – $19,000,000

This toilet is said to cost up to $19 million dollars!? The toilet was built by the Russians and send to Nasa on November 2008. The old toilet for NASA was said to be facing breakdowns due to rich diet of Russian cosmonauts. The toilet recycles urine into water which is just what you need in space. The toilet also comes with leg braces to help astronauts while they are doing their business.

3D Hang Fung Gold Toilet

2 ) 3D Hang Fung Gold Toilet – $5,800,000

This toilet is owned by a famous jewelry company in Hong Kong. The company has a showroom whichfeatures “Hall of Gold”, in the hall you will be able to see several handcrafted treasures of the company but the gold toilet is the most popular among tourists. The toilet is made with 24-carat solid gold.

Shanghai’s Moon River Art Park Toilet

3 ) Shanghai’s Moon River Art Park Toilet – $602,000

This toilet is located at Moon River Art Park and it is a public toilet but it seems to be the most popular among the other public toilets near the park. Almost 500,000 people visited the toilet since it was opened.The toilet is a man made cave surrounded by trees and flowers. The toilet is decorated like a grotto with stalactite-like water faucets. Most people enter the toilet to find out what makes the toilets cost so much.

Swarovski crystal Toilet

4 ) Swarovski crystal Toilet – $75,000

This toilet is created with the famous Swarovski Crystal. The toilet was designed by Jemal Wright of Hollywood and was said to contain over 50,000 handset Swarovski crystals. It gives a shining look and makes your toilet looks more luxury. Well with this type of toilet at home I wonder who will be willing use it^^

“Dagobert” Wooden Toilet Throne

5 ) “Dagobert” Wooden Toilet Throne – $14,123

The toilet is built with ash wood and decorated with hand painted designs inspired by Dagobert who was the last ruler of the 8th century Merovingian dynasty. It gives a truly medieval look for people who loves medieval designs this is the toilet for you.

Reference from weburbanist and curbly


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