The Adventures Of Dr.McNinja.

In a world where a doctor can also be a ninja, you can expect some things. Little boys with large moustaches, giant lumberjacks, raptor riding banditos, Dracula’s moon base… If you like action mixed with comedy and doctors mixed with ninjas, Dr. McNinja is a comic you’ll most likely enjoy. But there is a LOT of content for you to dig in here, so let’s get you the good stuff right quick

Here are my favorite moments from four years of the comic to get you started. Click the images to read the pages

  • 10) Dr. McNinja punches a snake in the face.
  • 9) Doc’s father, Dan, attempts to sink a boat with his bare hands.
  • 8) What does Doc do with the velociraptor in his office?
  • 7) Doc solves mysteries the Batman way.
  • 6) Dan lights himself on fire. Why?
  • 5) The ultimate ninja with the ultimate ninja weapon.
  • 4) Doc has a rather THRILLING nightmare.
  • 3) Meet King Radical… the most radical man in the radical land.
  • 2) Doc has some trouble flying a plane.
  • 1) Dr. McNinja gets a motorcycle and gets a little nuts on some helicopters.



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