The Hobbit Motel.

The Hobbit Motel is a brilliant motel made with a creative bent. Located at Woodlyn Park in Waiton, the motel has a warm and homely feel. The world’s first hobbit Motel started as the only motel with a U –Drive Jet course. Later Billy Blacks Kiwi Cultural show attracted and amazed people from all around the globe. The motel also has a bar and restaurant to entertain people. In other words, The Hobbit motel adds a unique dimension to the culture of New Zealand.

hobbit motel 1

hobbit motel 2

Each room in the motel comes fully furnished with shower toilet facilities and a Kitchen. The ambience of the Hobbit motel is fascinating .The décor and furniture is built out of polystyrene blocks. This material keeps you warm in winters and supports enough cooling in winters.

hobbit motel 3

hobbit motel 4

hobbit motel 5

The rooms come furnished with bunks and double beds .Each unit of the hobbit motel can house up to six people. This unique experience costs you $140 for a nights stay for a couple. The motel also charges $10 for extra people. The Hobbit motel ensures a comfortable and fascinating stay at the motel. The warmth and homely feeling that one gets on arriving at the motel is in high contrast to the hospitality of the Hobbits.

Via WoodlynPark.


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