Goat Breaks Into Strip Joint.

(MYFOX NATIONAL) – A 150-pound unwanted visitor smashed its way into a strip club over the weekend.

When owner Hank Piecura got to the Lynx Gentlemen’s Club in Coachella, Calif., early Saturday morning he was greeted by blood and broken glass. He checked the security video and discovered that the intruder was a goat.

The surveillance video showed the goat smashing through one door and then another.

“If I didn’t see it myself on surveillance tapes I wouldn’t have believed it either,” said Piecura. “I drove all over the area. Everybody around here said they don’t have goats so it had to come from either on the other side of the freeway or it came out of some trailer over at the truck stop.

“Tell you the truth I didn’t know there was goats either. So what’s next? Bulls? I don’t know?” added Piecura.

The goat caused roughly $2,000 in damages to the club, reported the The Desert Sun .

Piecura thinks that the goat saw its reflection in the door and got aggressive.

Guess he loved them titties.


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