Photoshop Blunders.


4 thoughts on “Photoshop Blunders.

  1. These are all totally messed up. I’m messed up having seen these. Umm a few questions, just off the top of my head…
    1. Who orders their junior photoshopsters to do this crap?
    2. Does the person who ordered it done even have a boss?
    3. I don’t even know what some of these photos were meant to look like, and in some cases I can’t even guess at what they originally looked like (not a question)
    4. Who looks at these materials and accepts them as mirrors of truth?


  2. Also, why is the extra hand on the shoulder so prevalent? WHY! If they can photoshop the other person out of the photo, why not the extra hand? Definitely makes me want to smack some people and get a job doing this

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