Autistic Artist, Stephen Wiltshire.

Recently an article was written about Stephen Wiltshire, a fantastic artist who happens to also be autistic. His pieces are nothing short of amazing as you can clearly see below.

Details, details...they're all there.

What’s more amazing, is this panoramic drawing was produced after Stephen spent a mere 20 min. on a helicopter ride over New York City. What he created afterwards was an  18 ft. panoramic mural of the entire city which he drew completely by memory.

Here’s a quote from MailOnline.

“Listening intently to his iPod throughout the artistic process – because music helps him – London-born Stephen uses only graphic pens as he commits his photographic memory to the high-grade paper.”

Stephen and his iPod

Stephen was mute as a child. He didn’t relate to most human beings and could not express himself through words. At age five, he was sent to Queensmill School in London where drawing became the only past time he enjoyed. It soon became apparent the young boy communicated with the world through the language of drawing.

His teachers encouraged him to speak by temporarily taking away his art supplies. Frustrated, Stephen responded with a series of sounds which lead to his first word:  “Paper.” By 1987, his talent was exhibited on the BBC and he was eventually proclaimed “the best child artist in Britain”.

As he grew older, so did his talent. In fact this panoramic view is only ONE of the many he has done. After this drawing, he went onto sketch Rome, Hong Kong, Madrid, Dubai, Jerusalem and London. Many of them based on 20 min. helicopter rides.

If you’d like to see more of Stephen’s work or learn more about him, click the link below:

Stephen Wiltshire’s Website.


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