Don't forget to put a glittery bow on your sack.

Get a load of this website deisgned to emancipate men from the shackles of heterosexual male stereotypes. Apparently, everyone from truckers to cowboys are doing it. It’s perfectly okay to be straight and want to wear hosiery!!!

And if you still find yourself questioning your masculinity  while wearing your testostero-tights, you can buy a mousepad to remind you that you’re ALL MAN.

No one tells you who YOU are, except your mousepad.

This site also gives men tips on how to put on “Mantyhose” without tearing it.

Here’s the link if you’d like to see more… that is.

Garb Your Gorgeous Gams!


6 thoughts on “Mantyhose!

  1. There are more men than you might think at first, who are wearing tights and pantyhose these days. And the reasons run a wide gamut of practical, legitimate benefits they provide. I’m responsible for marketing and publicity for ActivSkin Legwear for Men, a company selling tights and pantyhose made exclusively for men. We’ve been in business for 10 years and sales have increased in each of those years. As the word continues to spread, more men are seeing that nylon legwear are equally suited to men or women, and we’re simply providing that masculine alternative. I host a blog called The Nylon Gene and if you visit, you can read many articles that describe the benefits in more depth, as well as show examples of masculine attire paired with hosiery. Guys from many walks of life have discovered these benefits, including hunters, runners, cyclists, members of the U.S. military, surgeons, chefs, and the list goes on. Check it out and see for yourself.

    • Wow! Crazy!!! I had no idea they were so popular.

      I like that men even feel good to express their style…why 5-6 yrs ago, they even felt intimidated wearing colour!! Good for you for being on the forefront of such change. It’s nice to have men saying it’s okay to experiment. Do people like cyclists use it for wind resistance? Like how swimmers shave their legs so they dont get slowed down?
      And if not for fashion purposes, what are other reasons men like them? I will put your reply on my blog so people better understand this. It’s still a foreign concept to me so please excuse my ignorance. :D



      • Thanks for your interest, Melissa. Yeah, guys are finally starting to work up the confidence in themselves to wear some more interesting things–and that CAN be done w/o going feminine or anything. Cyclists/runners wear them, but I don’t know that it’s primarily for wind resistance. It’s probably more useful for providing warmth-without-bulk, where all they need is a thin layer to keep the chill off their legs until they get started and body temp comes up. At that point, if you’re wearing heavier running tights, like Under Armor, you’re likely going to feel too hot (especially when the sun comes up). The sheer fabric breathes well and allows perspiration to evaporate, which causes a cooling effect.

        Guys that are experiencing chronic leg cramps and heaviness also like wearing the support styles. They provide some degree of leg compression, which aids blood circulation and helps keep varicose veins from forming. Quite a few guys start getting this by their 40s, and some jobs also take a toll on the legs if you’re sitting or standing for long periods w/no relief. These include surgeons, cooks, retail workers, truck drivers, pilots, etc.

        Hunters, skiers and other outdoorsmen also use them under their coveralls as a good base layer against the cold. With so many reasons like this for wearing them, guys such as myself (and a lot of others) feel like there’s no reason they can’t also be worn with shorts, too.

        You can visit my blog, The Nylon Gene, where I’ve posted many articles discussing these issues in more detail. Here’s a few links to selected ones. Please stop by and visit. Thanks. “What IS The Nylon Gene?” “How Can Pantyhose Be Cool & Keep You Warm?” “Changing Hearts & Minds” “Mantyhose Fends Off Chill, Energizes Legs” “Mantyhose on Daytime Columbus/NBC” ActivSkin Men’s Legwear website

        I’ll leave it at that, and you can explore whatever you find interesting on the site… Thanks, again.

  2. Hi Melissa

    I have worn tights for warmth without bulk for sport such as cycling, and there have always been ‘secret’ wearers for this kind of thing. Unfortunately, as any discussion on this topic shows, there is also a large contingent of men for whom wearing tights has affected their sanity. Their contribution to the discussion contains very little fact and much fiction – ‘it was cold, so my mother/sister/girlfriend/the sales girl suggested I wear tights’ or ‘my girlfriend/all my friends approve of me wearing’. Pull the other one! The fantasies of the ‘men should also wear skirts’ brigade bring a stigma to tights wearing, and unlike Steve here, I don’t think it will ever become mainstream, except perhaps for sports if this can be detached from the stigma. Tights and sheers on men publically creates suspicions of cross-dressing and fetishism. Because of this, I have stopped wearing for sports and found alternatives.

    I reckon one thing Steve and I would agree on is that whenever ‘men in tights’ is featured in the media or net, it always creates a stir, with lively debate – and exaggerated claims – from both sides of the argument!

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